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  Order number ? OEM reference ? Description Finish ModelOriginPrice (USD)
4336W.10-pack 4336W Bolts, 3/8"-24 x 1 1/8" hex head (2100-41)zincXLCR.  FL, FLH '41-e77. FL, FLH '60-'72, '76-'79 handlebar. Servi-car '52-'63, '60-'73; 32-73. Panhead. Shovelhead. KH. Sportster, KH, XL, XLH, XLC, XLCH, XLS '54-'78. Golf car D,DE '66-?  DF,DEF, DC,DEC, Utilicar '63-?  FX, FXE '71-'e77. XR, XLR 750 '70-usa/canada 
   1541-37.10pack (32522-37) 1541-37.10pack 32522-37 Gaskets, timer base / magneto adapter plate/air intake connection W, WL, WLA, WLC, WLD, Servi-car '37-'65.  UL, ULH '37-'48. KR, KRTT, KHR, XR, XLR 52-70.  Sportster, XLC, XLCH '58-'59.  KH, XL, XLH '54-'64.  K-model '52-'53.  Golf car, Utilicar D, DF, DC '63-'70, air intake connection.usa9.00
   1667-32.4pack (30367-32) 1667-32.4pack 30367-32 Nut, negative brush holder screw4-packAll models '32-'57.  R, RL, W, WL, WLA, WLC, WLD, Servi-car, VL, VLH, UL, ULH, EL, 41TA, ELC, FL, FLH, Knucklehead, Panhead.  Fan cooled generator '51-'63.  Sportster, KH, XL, 54-57.  K-model 52-53.  Panhead, FL, FLH 51-64; fan cooled generator. XA 1942.usa7.00
   2262-41.10pack (34826-41) 2262-41.10pack 34826-41 Gasket, side cover10-packWL, WLA, WLC, WLD, Servi-car '41-early'65.usa16.00
   2271-41.10pack (34825-41) 2271-41.10pack 34825-41 Gasket, top cover WL, WLA, WLC, WLD, Servi-car '41-'65.usa20.00
   2645-30A.8pack (45668-30) 2645-30A.8pack 45668-30 Bushings, rocker plate D, DL, R, RL, W, WL, WLA, WLD '30-'52.  Singles C '30-'34.  Servi-car '32-'40.  XA 1942.usa75.00
   3534-34.5pack (    6207) 3534-34.5pack 6207 Paper washer, 7/32" x 5/8" for screw 3532-185-packServi-car, R, RL, W, WL, WLA, WLC, WLD '34-'73.   VL, VLH '34-'36.   Golf car D '67-?usa8.00
   3743-42.6pack (    5425) 3743-42.6pack 5425 Bolt, rear mudguard rear, includes nut WL, WLA, WLC, WLD, UL, ULH, EL, ELC, FL, FLH, Knucklehead, Panhead '42-'57.usa20.00

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Toms NOS Parts
33954 Capel Road
Columbia Station, OH. 44028
generator, timer, starter, spark coil, spark plugs, ignition
chains, sprockets, transmission, clutch
exhaust systems
axles, brakes, rims, spokes, forks, steering dampers, stands, footboards, seat post, shock absorbers, luggage carrier, ride control, handlebars, windshields, chain guards, fenders, legshields, tanks, oil/gas lines
engine, oil pumps etc.
common screws, nuts, washers, rivets, bearings, rollers, wire terminals, clips, clamps, retaining rings, o-rings, grommets, oil seals
batteries, speedometers, lamps, instrument panel, switches, electrical, sidecar, tools
inlet pipes, carburetor, air cleaner

About the part numbers:

The number in the "Order number"-column is the number we need if you want to order the part.
The number in the "OEM reference"-column is the "Original Equipment Manufacturer" number, the original part number.

From the Order number you can tell if it is an original or repro part: If the number begins with a letter it is a repro part. (usually a R for parts, an L for books, C for Colony kits, etc.)
Many items are listed without a price, this means they are in stock but you will have to ask for a price quote.